Ordning (Swedish for "order") specializes in design, storytelling, and branding for businesses looking to create strong and authentic connections with their clients, partners and investors.

Jona Steenbrink

Jona is a creative professional with over a decade of experience in using words and images to tell compelling stories that help big brands and small organizations build and sustain lasting emotional connections through words, images, and video.

Jona lives in Santa Cruz, California. Originally from Sweden, he has lived in Egypt, South Africa, the Netherlands, England, Denmark, and Belgium. When not working, Jona is either spending time with his wonderful family, playing the beautiful game, or just being in awe at the beauty of Coastal California.


Elizabeth Sullivan

Elizabeth is the business mind behind Ordning. With a rich and varied background in small businesses, startups, non-profits, and multinationals, she brings some much needed business and organizational acumen to the table, as well as a keen sense for color and design.

Elizabeth grew up on the East Coast, and still misses the beaches, the humidity of the summers, and the crunch of dried leaves on a brisk walk down a country road on a crisp Massachusetts fall day.