Alameda Point Concours

Branding + Website

Project details +

The inaugural Alameda Point Concours d'Elegance was held on the grounds of the former Alameda Naval Air Station in 2016. The organizers approached me to design a logo, and design and build a website for the Concours. The brief was to avoid the visual tropes of most Concours' and present the Alameda Point Concours as a vibrant alternative while still leveraging the history of the location.

Ordning designed a logo that references the Air Station's 1946 emblem, using the wings, the bridge, and the stars. The result is a unique concours logo that ties to the legacy of the air base while also referencing traditional luxury car marques.

The website builds on the vibrant old glory blue and red from the logo in both accent colors and image choices. The boldness of the upstart concours is conveyed through bold, large, compelling graphics and a clean, easily navigable site.