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Liquid Robotics was founded in 2007 to commercialize a autonomous surface vehicle technology that grew from a garage in Hawaii. Their original logo had served them well, but when it came time to woo large US and international clients, a more sophisticated logo and web presence was required.

Avoiding the usual aquatic cliches of waves and sharks was a priority as well as establishing a brand palette and tone. The result was a tidy, fairly industrial wordmark, whose generously kerned letters and blue hue is redolent of the ocean and its vastness. The tag line "instrument the ocean" was developed to serve as a neat encapsulation of the core mission of the company.

The website was designed to juxtapose expansive ocean imagery and stunning underwater photography of the company's Wave Glider autonomous surface vehicle, with detailed and technical rednerings of the vehicles. Icons were custom drawn throughout the site to communicate the range of fairly esoteric concepts employed in the realm of autonomous ocean vehicles.