Branding + Pitch Decks

Project details +

VoteMyAd was an early stage venture seeking to monetize viewer generated content. The founder was looking for a brand identity, pitch deck, and beta website to use to product test and to attract investment. The concept and IP was sold before the site had a chance to move out of beta.

Ordning designed a brand identity that referenced the world of film and television more closely than that of the typical light and friendly Silicon Valley startup. This was done intentionally to more clearly communicate the nature of the company and appeal to a younger, media-centric audience.

The pitch deck drew very heavily on the boldness and contrast of the logo, referencing digital devices and social media iconography in order to simply and effectively communicate VoteMyAd's unique concept and value proposition.

The website design did not attempt to redefine the space, but rather to exist in a way that allowed users to intuitively interact with it, surfacing its unique features in a context that would seem both familiar and comfortable.